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Call your buddy with the sweet sound system in his vehicle and sit in the back seat while listening to something with bass. It'll rattle it out pretty good.

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What kind of nonsense is that? It's not even funny. Obviously you don't know the distress that a plugged ear can cause.


I doubt he was being 'funny', anyone who has been in the backseat with a sound system knows if they listen to songs with a lot of bass how much it rattles your body, and you feel it in your ears as well. I work security, and working the pit at a concert in front of their speakers is the same idea and concept. Am I wrong also??? Am I an a******????


@ Topher you are right. I think that's how mine got clogged. Smh


actually noise makes your ears produce wax at a faster rate, since they are trying to protect the eardrum from popping, so that might just make you more deaf...




shit...i liked his comment...lighten up people!!


I liked this idea. Their aint nothing wrong with that. Honestly, the way my ear is im bout to try it. lol If only my car had enough bass lol.... Thank you.


if your ears are clogged too much, however, loud noises/high pressure can blow out ur ear drum. you dont want that!


For the people that think that this remedy is good, it really isn't. When you hear loud music with your ears clogged you may feel like you can hear better but after you turn the music down , it just feels clogged again. You can also hurt your inner ear from loud music.


Pretty sure he was joking. Chill out folks.

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