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I found this site when I couldn't sleep because my right ear was so clogged it hurt. I'm getting over a cold so all the mucus and whatever else is up there was what was blocked up. I found the remedy where you get a wash rag, wet it, then put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, take out and then wrap in a slightly bigger one. I held it up against my ear and I could slowly feel the stuff in there break up and start to drain. I did this probably 3 times, and the last time was when the pain got intense to pop. Finally though after about an 35 minutes of this there was a huge pop and all the built up stuff immediately drained, and I felt so much better. Right now my ear is still popping a little bit but it's nothing compared to what it felt like earlier! Thank you so much to whoever posted that remedy!

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Thanks for the tip! Getting over a cold now, the blocked ear has been driving me crazy for the past couple days so I tried this out and fell asleep with my ear over the many layered washcloth 'heating pad'. When I woke up, my ear wasn't totally unblocked, but it didn't feel solidly clogged. I plan on doing it again tonight!

Jordan from MI

Felt a little dizzy the first couple times I did this, But it WORKS!!! SO EXCITED!! I've had a sinus infection for 3 days and my ears been clogged for 2 days... Thank you for posting!!!!!!


Thank You, I works. After I used the hot cloth the 1st go round I closed my nose and blow and my ear popped open (there was slight pain but it worked). Because I didn't feel any drainage I applied the cloth 2 more x's. This does work.
again, THANK YOU!!!!!!


Omg!!! doing this as i type n let me just say i haven't felt this good in days!!...its working already n i only did it once of course im going to continue to do it until i get that 'pop' that everyone is talking about!..thank you so much for posting i was going insane!!!


you can also make your own HOT PACKS all you need is some left over fabric and a bag of rice, split peas, or beans (the kind for baked beans). and all you do is make a sack out of the fabric sewing all the sides except one and then you pour in what ever filler you have peas, beans, or rice and then sew up the remaining side you then put that in the microwave and when it comes out wrap it in a towel and lay on it. This also holds the heat longer than a wet wash cloth does and no need to get the bag wet.

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