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I found this site when I couldn't sleep because my right ear was so clogged it hurt. I'm getting over a cold so all the mucus and whatever else is up there was what was blocked up. I found the remedy where you get a wash rag, wet it, then put it in the microwave for 2 minutes, take out and then wrap in a slightly bigger one. I held it up against my ear and I could slowly feel the stuff in there break up and start to drain. I did this probably 3 times, and the last time was when the pain got intense to pop. Finally though after about an 35 minutes of this there was a huge pop and all the built up stuff immediately drained, and I felt so much better. Right now my ear is still popping a little bit but it's nothing compared to what it felt like earlier! Thank you so much to whoever posted that remedy!

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Worked like a hot damn to ease the pain. I was almost in tears in the middle of the night and had no Nasonex in the house or anything else people have been suggesting and it was too late to buy anything, so I tried the hot wash cloth and it eased the pain with the first cloth. At the third I was able to get back to sleep until I could get something to solve the problem....whew, thanks :)


does this really work wat about if u get a towel and w=put hot water in it


Do I have to lay my head down? On the opposite side of the effected ear?


Thank you so much it's 2:30am where I live, which is too late for me to go to a store . I found this website through google and your post was the most convenient and easy to try. It worked like a charm my ears are unstoppable as I typed and they've been clogged for the last 2 days. Thanks again.


Thanks this really helped!!!


Do you have to be laying down to do this?


it didnt really work. i sat there with it up aginst my ear for 30 minutes, and nothing happened, i dont know if im not doing it right, ro what?


Thank you so much! I wrapped a damp cloth in another cloth after heating in the microwave o layed on the lounge with the warm cloth in-between my ear and pillow I then put a wheat bag in the microwave and wrapped it in a towel after an hour and a half I felt slightly better and held my nose and blew really hard and it popped!! Such a relief now I'm working on my second ear it feels great after try have been blocked for 3 weeks after my cold. Thank u!!


Thank you for posting this - I actually sat up for the remedy with my head tilted and the affected side up. I applied the hot washcloth to my ear and the little bit of neck that is under it (eustation tube is somewhere in that area, I think). It took about an hour of 'yawning' and applying the heat and then I felt a sharp-ish pain and my ear finally popped.

OOOHH the relief!


I tried this with salt in the towel for about 30 min but when i got up i had what felt like vertigo - dizziness and nausea....did this happen to anyone? any suggestions? I dont have pain it's just the discomfort of not being able to hear! HELP

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