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Been dealing with a cracked tooth down to the nerve for weeks now and its got to the point I can't sleep or even function without migraines and throbbing pain! I put a teaspoon of garlic salt with warm water and swooshed in my mouth for 60 seconds and reapeated 2 or 3 times! WOW what a big help! Then took black tea bag and moistened with warm water and put it on both sides of my gum by tooth and I am 90% better!

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Mrs. Jenkins

Some of these sound wonderful.. I have a toothache and won't be seeing a dentist for a week. I have been sucking on whole cloves right on the tooth. They get soft and the natural oil numbs the pain, and it works everytime! Oil of clove is good too, applied with a cotton swab, but can be very strong and sometimes gets on the wrong tooth.

Good luck everyone!

Mrs. Snider

Tried the garlic salt and warm water.. giving the tea bag a try now.. Hopefully I can find some relief so I can get some sleep until my dentist appt.

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