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Thank you sooo much for this site!

I've had athlete's foot on both feet (moccasin style) for two years. Guess where I got it? Yes from getting a pedacure! Don't ever let them scrape the bottom of your foot with that cheese grater! About a week later i started seeing the athlete's foot. Although I did not know til later what it was! Hundreds of dollars later in creams and medication (Liver damamging) that literally did NOTHING! I was lucky enough to come upon this site and have been soaking my feet in apple cider vinegar diluted 50/50 twice a day for 30 min for about a month and a half now and IT'S GOING AWAY! I can't believe it, I'm going to throw a party I'm soooo Happy! It was really painful at first, stinging really bad, but you have to be relentless and keep doing it, never give up! I'll probably do it for the rest of my life as it makes your feet really nice removing all the dead skin.

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Omg same problem here i got it from the nail shop. What i have tried is hot water, vinegar, and bleach. It seemed to have immediately stop the itching and burning that kept me awoke. And yes this solution got rid of much dead skin without having to use that cheese grater! I saw what others on here said about the tea tree oil so my hubs went n got me some while i was was added instant relief. After applying the tea tree oil to the af i moisterized the other non af part of my foot and put on cotton socks. I can sleep now.


Hi can I reuse the apple cider again after soaking my feet or do I need to use new


Can you reuse the same ACV mixture of do you have to use new everyday?


Can you reuse the soak for a few days, or do you always have to make it fresh? I wash my feet first, so there shouldn't be any dirt in it.

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