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Thank you sooo much for this site!

I've had athlete's foot on both feet (moccasin style) for two years. Guess where I got it? Yes from getting a pedacure! Don't ever let them scrape the bottom of your foot with that cheese grater! About a week later i started seeing the athlete's foot. Although I did not know til later what it was! Hundreds of dollars later in creams and medication (Liver damamging) that literally did NOTHING! I was lucky enough to come upon this site and have been soaking my feet in apple cider vinegar diluted 50/50 twice a day for 30 min for about a month and a half now and IT'S GOING AWAY! I can't believe it, I'm going to throw a party I'm soooo Happy! It was really painful at first, stinging really bad, but you have to be relentless and keep doing it, never give up! I'll probably do it for the rest of my life as it makes your feet really nice removing all the dead skin.

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I started doing this two weeks ago, once per day, 20-30 minutes at a time.
NO MORE ITCHING, and my toenails are clearing. I feel like I have discovered the fountain of youth (I'm 65). I have been suffering from this condition for at least the past five years, and I have tried everything but the pills. In addition, my feet are softer to the touch. This solution is just wonderful!


I like this site. Its very helpful. Thank you kathy. How exactly do you mix this? My email address is


hi.. do u rinse ur feet after or just let them air dry.. i am wondering for my husband he has been having these problems with his feet... if u could please let me know


Does white vinegar work? I think i have the same thing from pedicures...first i just thought my feet were dry and applies vasoline which looking back probably made things worse. mines doesn't itch but looks white and flakey. so annoying that i got this from getting my nails done. My email is also how about straight solutions to get rid of it faster?


Do you just soak in the vinegar or with warm water too?


In reply to your comments regarding athletes foot soaking in vinegar.I use the apple cider vinegar, just because it's made from tons of apples and I like that idea rather than the white vinegar (somehow chemically made) so I don't know if it works or not, I know the apple cider vinegar does! I let the feet air dry, and I diluted it always 50/50 only because if I used it full strength it was too painful, but prob the stronger the better, but it still works diluted. Like I said you just have to be patient and do it every day. I'll do it forever




This is all you will need to do.
Within 2 days the itching will stop. In one week you will see clear signs that the fungus is in remission and dying off. The fungus will continue to die from just one hour long soak in apple cider vinegar. I really can't say any more than that. It's fantastic stuff.

Garlic is impractical to use and has nowhere near the same lasting effect, some creams can start work pretty much instantly but, again, have nowhere near the same lasting effect and are associated with side effects. I've tried many remedies home and prescribed and they are next to useless or just not practical in real world application. Soaking in undiluted apple cider vinegar works absolute wonders.

If soaking in 100\\% is too painful or sore initially, MAN UP!! yes it stings, but after 5 min this subsides and you can soak for the full hour and besides, it's nothing compared to the discomfort of athletes foot. Diluting the mixture will mean you need to follow a program of repeated soaks to achieve the same results as one soak.


ACV works so well that after a week or two the fungus will have pretty much completely vanished. This does not mean it is dead. I know all this from experience: If you don't re-soak, it will begin to return, usually a month or so later.

To prevent reinfection, soak your feet every month or two. It's absolutely fantastic stuff and the fungus cannot become immune to it.

It can and apparently should be drank, diluted in a glass of water, to control internal yeast, which is the cause of many infections in the first place.


did you use new apple cider vinegar every day? or can it be reused?


Is the cider safe to drink afterwards?

Tamika Detroit,Mi

Thank you do much for this helpful info ... I been dealing with AF for a Lil over 3 months nd yes mine came from a cheese grater pedicure... When I told all my friends whr I got it from md they all think I'm crazy I'm glad Kathy that u said the same thing so I can show them ur story nd remedy.. I'm going to start treating my problem this weekend.. The discoloration nd itching has to go lol... Thank u again so much...

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