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It was 5:30 am when i just could not take the pain any more so I went to this website to find out what I could do the this dry socket pain I had two teeth pulled friday and friday is amost here again and i am still in pain. I saw that everyone was talking about clove oil which I didnt have and no store was open that early so I got some ground clove from my spice rack and mix it with water and make a paste omg it was heaven I put it in the socket with a q tip and the pain was gone in seconds thank you god for this website

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I had two dry sockets after a wisdom and molar pulled on bottom right side. Waited a year later and had a molar pulled on bottom left side and it is also a dry socket. The 1st time went back to dentist to get clove dressing he said would last a couple of days. It lasted 5 hrs. Guess any relief is good. From there I put my own clove oil on with cotton swab. It helps for little while. The only relief I have found is 4 ibuprofens and Percocet, and the clove oil. Lortab does not even put a dent in it. There is no pain like it other than a migraine or bad ear ache, maybe.


If u have dry socket u can also take ground cloves mix with vaseline and then pack the socket. it worked well for me..thank goodness


Clove is the bomb! Didn't have clove oil either, didn't have a crusher, but made a tincture of warm water and steeped clove then doused Qtip with it and dab, dab dab... no more throbbing!

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