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gold bond ultimate healing cream will completely rid you of eczema just rub some on every chance you get and you'll see it disappear

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Not always true. This just treats the external condition. Eczema is an internal conditionthat is manifested outwardly. Real crazy stuff is going on inside your body, and your skin, which is one of the LARGEST EXCRETORY organs in your body is simply tryig to get rid of toxins in the body. Cleanse your blood, enhance your liver, and your eczema will heal. I have been seeign results with regard to that. Applying lotions will only help with moisturizing the dry scaly skin.

dr know it all

ummm..... *points up to above comment*

not necessarily.

if its an allergy eczema .. that has nothing to do with cleaning your insides.

there's varying degress of eczema .. and it's causes.


My daughter is 3 and has always suffered from eczema, I have to agree. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion was is the best. We received immediate results. I like how thick and creamy it is. In regards to the above comment, I feel that it is key to moisturize the skin, to help keep it from cracking.

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