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About 2yrs ago I had reunited with an old friend who had informed me his head had been itching horribly and wanted his head shaved into a manageable mohawk. This revealed a field of ringworm that had been hidden by his long hair. Now, I have dealt with ringworm plenty of times with myself and others and know the hassle of blowing money on 'maybe' creams...I took my knowledge of ringworm+burnout=bye bye wormys and put my friends pain tolerance to the test. Now I wouldn't suggest this method for children @ all because like I said there is a level of pain. I doused cotton balls with nail polish remover and gently went over the areas of his newly shaved head. Within 2~3 days and only 2 treatments (it was only repeated to make sure it took but I wouldn't say it was necessary) it was completely gone and there practically no itch! Later at an unrelated doctor appointment we shared our experiment with him and he just looked at us painfully and replied 'that'll do it!'

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did your friend have any hairloss with the scalp ringworm? i suspect i may have the same problem but i was to by my gp that i would experience hairloss...i have suffered with this itch and dry scaley patches for ten years and am desperate.


I've been using tea tree oil for about 2.5 weeks and the ringworm, while better, isn't going away. Last night I tried rubbing in nail polish remover, and I noticed a big improvement. I did it again this morning, and now, this afternoon, it's a third gone. I had a pretty intense case that I was (incorrectly) treating as eczema, so it will likely take a few days to clear. Thanks so much for the nail polish remover tip!

Kylie R.

I tried the remover and it burned and i thought it was going to make my ringworm less noticable but it just made it red and iratated and it actually made it more noticable then the day before if i was you i wouldnt try this the out come IS NOT WORTH THE PAIN!!!

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