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When I was 12 I noticed a wart growing at the bottom of my foot. I tried salicylic acid and other over-the-counter products which didn't work. I ended up just learning to live with it and trying to hide it from most people. It slowly spread and small warts popped up here and there. About an year ago, the main wart started getting bigger with smaller warts clustering around it. I still put it off until about two weeks ago. Finally, I decided I wanted to start getting rid of it because I wanted to start practicing yoga and having warts all over my foot just wouldn't do. So here goes...

Basically, I googled plantar wart remedies and found this website and decided to use what was most convenient for me and what seemed most effective from most of your posts.

Night: Piece of cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar with cayenne pepper placed directly on the wart with a waterproof bandaid to cover and bandaged up with sports tape.

Day: White nail polish painted over the wart and bandaged with sports tape.

I repeated this process for about two weeks...

Comments: After 2-3 nights of the apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper treatment, I started feeling burning sensations in and around the wart area. As much as I could, I would use an emery board mainly in the shower at first to remove dry skin. The skin around the wart became dead and completely white. There were some day especially during week two that it was slightly painful to walk and put pressure on my heel where the wart was. The black roots came up during the second week. I just continued the procedure and about a week and a half in, I was able to scrape out most of the black roots. And, just yesterday, I used the emery board to remove a lot of the white dead skin left and realized that the wart was gone because whatever skin was underneath the black roots was level with the skin of the rest of my heel. It's still a bit sensitive to pressure because it seems that the layer of skin in the area where the wart was is still thin and healing.

Thanks guys for all your help! A 14-year wart gone in two weeks with faith and persistence. Hope you all have success in removing yours.

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did any of this hurt at all?


Ok myne is about 15 years old and I think it time to get rid of it since I'm in a cast and it's prolly going to be black when the cast gets removed.


Did you use nail polish remover everyday or was the emery board sufficient enough to remove when you prepared the night treatment?


My first night done and it hurts to put all my weight on foot. Not unbearable but defiantly painful.I am optimistic and will continue with the treatment.


Did exactly the same treatment had same similarities, by 2weeks the 2 warts were gone, still little sensitive though. Its nice to have my foot back to normal. Thanks for all the help.


Did you use white nail polish or clear? If white, why?


I've been doing the access treatments for a week and now I see black dots but the warts aren't black. Does it mean it's working? I just feel like they are still so deep that they will never fall off like everyone claims happend to them


I ment acv. Autocorrect failed me


i m using garlic n it dropped off in three days, i also combine cayyene paper, i have a 28 yr old wart am tryn to rremove it op for t best.

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