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Ear aches have been a pain for me my whole life, they ache, they hurt, they make you feel sore all over and more. my most recent attack of an ear ache rendered me nearly useless. I barely made it through work days and struggled at home doing anything, fortunately with a loving husband and some time I was able to over come the infection.

When at work I struggled, the pain was unbearable, I could barely see, my speech was off and getting through paperwork seemed impossible. Fortunately if you have a heating pad and a place you can be for a few minutes, then you can rid yourself or atleast dull the pain so you can survive a work day. Just place the heating pad over the infected ear and tilt your head so the ear is laying flat on the heating pad.

A similar remedy is used at home, what I found worked best for me was to be completely bundled up and have a heating pad under my ear that was infected. Another thing I used (since we were moving at the time and I had lost my heating pad)was a extremely hot towel, you can accomplish this by boiling water in a kettle or on the stove and putting the towel in this water. After completing that step just pull it out, drain it and depending on what you can handle either place flush to your skin OR place it under another thin towel while laying down.

Key Point: All these rememdies require either laying down or atleast tilting your head in the direction of the infection. Laying flat or on the opposite side will more than likely cause discomfort. Unfortunately if you are like me and can get double ear aches, I haven't found a way to clear up the discomfort on both sides other than to just switch sides until it's gone.

Hopefully this makes sense and can help folks out. [And as always, with any home remedies, make sure you are still going to your doctor if it gets really bad.]

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