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Make a paste out of cornmill and water and place on burn. Hold in place with clean towel or rag until heat is drawn out. If done properly it can prevent a blister from occuring.

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high school grad

cornmill? corn MILL?


CORN M-E-A-L !!!!!


I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns when a BBQ exploded in my face. Best remedy...soak burn in cold water for at least 10 minutes to remove the heat from the skin, then the miracle cream...SILVADENE!!!


Hey High School Grad - It's called a mistake by the author of this sight...everybody makes them so grow up & get a lil more secure with yourself, that way you won't feel the need to put everyone else down for such petty little things, or to make things easier on yourself, just get a life!!!


Wonderful remedy. It worked great for my 4 year after she touched a hot lamp. Thanks for the tip. Oh, it does not matter how you spelled it, most people knew what you were talking about and if they cannot read through a few mistakes then it sounds like to me they are the morons.

Lady A

My father spilt hot bacon grease on his foot and i used your remedie. It worked out great he said his foot still hurt but it doesnt burn anymore. Thanks alot for the tip.


if you dont have that at home at the moment use yogurt


Darn BBQ blew up at me too. All the skin fell off my left hand. Silvadene worked for me too! During healing, the new skin on my hand was threatening to 'harden' in an unnatural position. Was told to rub pure vitamin E oil two to three times a day on it...only AFTER the threat of infection is would never know I was burned! Have no scars at all and have full movement.


You are right when it comes to mistakes we all make them don't we. Thank you for the great advice, I knew just what you were talking about, tried it and it worked perfect just like you said. Thanks again. Oh, and if you fine any mistakes in my comment please keep them to yourself, nobody else will care.


Thanks for this remedy, it worked great for my 3 1/2 year old! Mill, meal, M-E-A-L... who cares! Thanks!!!!!


My 13 year old burned her thumb on a jar after microwaving fudge for too long and it took the burn away. Thank you for the remedy!

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