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Ernie Burt

I read all other remedy on website and then use my own proprietary formulary after reading ingredients in FUNGAVIR, which is over 90+% effective.

My formulary is F + TTO + V + L + UA (undecyclenic acid) + HP + I (decolorized) + B + prescription for
clotrimazole and ciclopirox.

Lamasil spray shoes or if you have lots of cash buy steri shoe in your size but remember it has no fan.

Wow it works. Thanks so much folks.

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I hope you feel better after all should be cured.


Whatever all that information means, I am glad this combination cures nail fungus.

Now, about brain function, specifically when it comes to the ability to communicate?

Was this a pre-existing condition or it is a side effect of the treatment?


I think the fungus spread to your brain.


Are you serious??? Do you really think anyone understands what you wrote? I agree with the previous comments. By the way W+T+F+? is a better remedy.


Ha ha ha


If you can think out side of the box you can figure out what that person meant. For example: f+tto= file+ tea tree oil and the v is for vicks etc. You guys didn't have to be so harsh on this person. Some people don't have great communication skills but sheesh y'all should try having some people skills and learn to be nice. :)


I did the same thing.


it's balonga!


I thought the V was for vinegar. :)

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