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NOT ME!!!!

Found one of these nasty warts on my penis/member(more like a country club ha ha) back in August. Started researching... Apple Cider Vinegar tried it. It turned black fell off. It came back. Damn. ACV again. turned white then black. Still after it fell off there was a flat like skin tag there. I then tried new skin. Still we (my wart and I co existed)... Finally I had had enough. Too proud to go to a dr. I bought a Freeze away kit. Froze the sucker with the supplied unaltered tips. Swelled up around the outside. I got nervous that I damaged myself. Waited a week nothing. Bought terrasil. For 2 days or so I used it. Nothing. Angry after 6 month of this ugly thing I trimmed down one of the freeze away applicators almost to a point that would cover just the wart. I went at it and froze it for 10 seconds, then cooled the applicator again and froze it more for 5-10 more second. It did look scary and I though I might have damaged it again. In a couple of days it turned reddish brown and came off.
Now there is no bump there like there was after the first time I used ACV 6 months ago. Only slightly pink and fading... I am 98% confident I go the sucker.

Now was it the terrasil and freezing or just the freezing. No idea. This I will tell you I am glad I got rid of it. The package for freeze away says not to use on genital warts. I did. I was not too concerned about scarring because I am married and received the wart gift from my wife who had HPV when we married. She had only 2 other partners. So look out it can happen.
I have also change my diet to include vitamins wheat grass and tried to stay positive. I may have been HPV for a long time. They can decided to crop up when you go through hormone change or depression... I wonder if anyone is working on a cure for HPV?

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That's good u got rid of them I bought the wartamine I just tried it yesterday hopefully it works... :'( and yes hopefully people work on a cure for this monsters so no one can be searching for medicine's...

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