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Relieve leg cramps instantly (no kidding!) take 'Hylands Leg Cramps'

I really suffered from these cramps and was astounded when these worked, and did so within seconds. Thank God!

To keep the cramps away, I take Potassium + Magnesium supplements, as the cramps were likely caused by these vitamin deficiencies

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robert davis

My Dr. said Hylands can cause a heart attack due to the quinne in it.

The fridge

Hey a friend has aproven remedy for this and you are nearly there . My friend has been cramp free for a month just from one glass. You get the magnesium & the potassium in POWDERED FORM them mix together in a glass with APPLE CEIDER till it goes clear let it cool then drink it. That's it there is a chemical reaction the adding of the CEIDER . Im very lucky and don't suffer from cramps but if I can help I d like to so try it .
The Fridge.


I tried Hylands Leg Cramps and it didn't work for me.


My Husband is a flooring installer and I found the Hylands, he used it and it works, I show our Family DR. and he said that was at one time a prescription medication. Also 'Cramp 911' roll on works fast, it has Cuprum Metallicum and magnesia sulfate in it and works VERY fast, I even gave some to my Dr for his wife, and it is made in USA. if you can't find it.


It sure works for me! Take them before the pain gets bad, just at the first tinge of crmps or it takes longer or more for them to work. And I let them (2-3) disolve under my tongue or inside my gum so it can get into the blood stream faster (practicaly tasteless) I have a bottle on my nightstand & one in my purse always (I get them during the day also) good luck!


I have taken them and they are a miracle worker. I now have concerns now about the post that read can cause heart attack.


My first leg cramp was very painful that I got so scared coz my calf muscle was as hard as a rock! My recent was yesterday early morning at 330 but was on my foot! My big toe was very stiff pointing towards me. I applied the Hyland's leg cramps ointment and it always worked! My husband massaged my leg to help. Oh, when it goes away, it is such a relief!


I checked Hyland's leg cramps ingredient, i did not see quinine so I think there's no problem. It is s homeopathic medicine.


For those concerned with any HOMEOPATHIC remedy showing quinine 3x, 6x, 12x...the larger the number...the less of the this case in the tablets. Look up how homeo pathics are made and potentecy differences. ..
I have worked with homeo for over 15 years and witnessed much help and relief to many. I am greatful to have them as a part of my life.


I tried Highland for leg cramps and I had a very scary thing happen -- I took it at night before bed. When I woke up in the morning I was unable to urinate. I had to go, but couldn't. It was so bad I had to call in sick to work. It took about five hours before I could actually release a few drops, and most of the day before the feeling of having to go finally subsided. I contacted the makers of Highland to let them know and I did hear from them; they wanted me to mail them the box so they could analyze it, but by that time I had already thrown it in the trash! My husband now has terrible leg cramps nearly every night but I'm going to try the apple cider vinegar "cure" for him, I don't want him anywhere near that Highland crap.

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