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Ear aches. In Mexican culture we get paper bag/thick paper make it into a cone. Set tip into ear light the top on fire. The instanly releases pressure. Ofcoarse you dont do this by yourself.
We also use capfull of peroixde to clean the ear. Just pour then wait for bubbling to stop the pour out. DO NOT WARM THE PERIOXED IN ANY WAY.

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newspaper funnel works


My mother used this technique on me and all my siblings. It worked every time and costs very little. I recently tried an ear candle and was surprised at the amount of wax it pulled out. It helped me get my ears unblocked and my hearing is back to normal.


Wooooooo hooooo I'm not to ready to lite a. Paper cone on ???? in my infecteted my ears .... I have no problems going to Dr. For an emergency


My Hispanic boyfriend mentioned this and says in his hometown that they still do the paper bag cone and it works. Different cultures have found different solutions so don't diss what you don't know.


I love it ! I just didnit after having my ears ache for two weeks and I feel so much better . I use to do it but for some reason didn’t think about it till today


Just get a lighter put the flame to rise into your ear the hot wax will kill any germ instantly. Just goes to show you America isnt #1 Hispanic culture got it right nattually something to look at for all of you who think you know it all America isnt #1 in average life span either

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