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Ear aches. In Mexican culture we get paper bag/thick paper make it into a cone. Set tip into ear light the top on fire. The instanly releases pressure. Ofcoarse you dont do this by yourself.
We also use capfull of peroixde to clean the ear. Just pour then wait for bubbling to stop the pour out. DO NOT WARM THE PERIOXED IN ANY WAY.

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DON't try this !


Doing this can make you go def so i wouldn't do it.


Sorry but the peroxide helps just did it ear ache gone


Our Grand parents used the same thing only it is called an 'Ear Candle' and is made of cotton cloth that has been coated with light coat of parafin (to help maintian the SMALL flame on the top, It is a tapered piece. It is cut on the small end so that it does not protude into the ear to far but makes contact. A sasmall paper plate with an 'X' cut in the middle, hold the lit ear candle in place and also catch any ashes that may fall off. The burning end (at the top) cause air to be Sucked UP thru the candle so no ashes will fall down thru. It is safe and it REALLY WORKS. The only draw back is that you MUST have someone there to hold the candle for you.


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Yes and next strap a ACME rocket to your back just like the Coyote and lite the fuse.


Don't make fun of someone's culture. Just because we have products like that doesn't mean everyone in the entire world has access to it. It obviously worked for several human beings. If you don't know what you're doing don't try it. Simple as that.


It works...


This works! It is instant relief. My uncle did it to me when I had an ear infection and I was home on leave from the military(so it's a pain to get to the dr if you're not on base.) And when you see a huge puff of smoke- the pressure is relieved. This makes absolute sense to me as I am a meteorologist in the Navy and High and Low pressures are the basis of everything.


Actually this really helped me. I have had problems with my ears getting clogged up since I was has my husband...His Dad did the cone thing on him and it always worked for him...I tried it last night and it worked...I then did the peroxide for 10 mins so make sure everything was clear. I'm just so happy to be able to hear again! I just wouldn't try this alone and you need to know what your doing before you do this.

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