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I ate arbys earlier today (knowing it gives me heartburn) I ate it anyways then forgetting to get some rolaids I was dying a few moments ago. I drank a half gallon of milk and prolly as much water. Dying for an ease I turned to google! Found this website...i did the honey bit! I took a table spoon because it was sooo bad. Its gone! I made the mistake of 'oh hey my heartburns gone I can lay down' so it came back a little bit but I sat right up and I disappeared! Thanks home remedy people!

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I tried the teaspoon of honey and every minute that goes by i'm feeling better and better. I'm glad it works, I enjoy my coffee to much.


haha, you disappeared....awesome!


Ok Im having d worst heartburn rite bout now, this dude saying hahaha u dissapeared made me laugh sooo hard I almost threw up! He/She really made me laugh! Anyways, honey does works as well as apples.

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