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If your are nursing, try stopping all dairy and soy foods for at least a week. Then begin to add some of these back in slowly. Watch for the colic to return and if it does, you can bet it is an intolerance of milk and/or soy. Your baby might outgrow these but for now cut these out for the first 6 months.

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I 2nd this recommendation. In addition, coffee and other caffeine drinks can be an offender for breastfed babies.


DIET is KEY.*don't do and/or eliminate as much as plbsisoe*-soda-sugar/corn syrup-meat/dairy/eggs-processed food-fast food-(partially) hydrogenated oils (almost in everything)-additives-fried foods-white bread/flour-beer, to a lesser extent (if you must drink, drink a little wine)*eat as much as plbsisoe*-SALADS (at least, 1 a day)-fruit (not canned)-fruit juice (100%)-organic-whole foods-raw foodsit may take a while for your system to cleanse, but:-be consistent-exercise (lower body-running/sit-ups)-osteopathic adjustments (spine)-and make an effort to REALLY enforce those dietary guidelines as much as plbsisoe; not just a little, but a real effort. read those labels. if you can't afford to shop at a health food store or your parents don't eat that way, be prepared to get a job.You want to keep a 80% alkaline to 20% acid balance in your system; which might be difficult at first, but stick with it (it may take a few months), but, I guarantee, you'll see an improvement; the longer you stick with it, the better your complexion will continue to get.

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