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mix mashed garlic and salt...rub or plunge on the affected area for a few minutes...rinse...voila no more pain

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I looked and looked there here to find things to do with my tooth ache.. I did the garlic and salt and i cant believe it, it really does work... I got garlic breath right now, but hey its better than being in pain

Ga Thick

I have had a severe tooth ache due to an exposed nerve for about a month but have been sucessfull at dealing with it by using over-the-counter meds. however tonight (4:00am) i woke up in agony. i read suggestions on this site and i want to thank everyone for posting. i made a paste with garlic powder, salt, and real lemon juice.applied it and left it there for 10 mins. truely a life saver. god bless yall.

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