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mix mashed garlic and salt...rub or plunge on the affected area for a few minutes...rinse...voila no more pain

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Had the WORST pain!! This tastes bad , but actually works!! I have taken been taking pain meds with no relief. The garlic burns , but my pain is gone!! unbelievable!! I have been in tears from pain and now I am not. Thank you so much for this posting!!!!


Im so thankful to have came across this. I was so close to taking a hammer and smashing my teeth. This instantly worked for me. Thank you so much !!!!


This just saved my lifeeee! It works! Hooray!


This seems to be working pretty well thank you.


Thank you so much for this post, It works like magic...I can finally go to bed pain free. This is totally amazing..Thank you...Thank You..Thank You

Christian Dude

You made my day, thank you!


Works like MAGIC! Pain went away within minutes...


OMG I was to the point of havin someone punch me in the side of the face to maybe take the pain im in bed desperate to get rid of the pain....i google tooth pain && this is the first thing I see! I tried it && it worked! Not all the pain is gone but the sharp horrible pain is gone!! God bless whoever did this!


garlic rocks...
took all my pain away.
thanks to the one whoever suggested that.


This is my first time ever posting anything since I don't like doing it, but after last night I feel it's a must.....
My toothache was unbearable... Keep in mind I'm a 6''4 N.Y bouncer that has been in many bad situations and I must say that toothache was the worst!... At 2am I decided to google what to do since I can't see a dentist at that hour, and I came across this page and read about the Garlic and Onion remedy... GOD BLESS YOU!!!
My girlfriend chopped up onions and Garlic put it in a very small Gauze that she roped closed like a pouch ... Warmed it up for 20 seconds in the microwave and I put it on and around my tooth...kept it for a few (the most I could handle the burn) and rinsed it off... Did that for 10 min, then used a different 'pouch' not microwaved... Burned more, but after 10 min I rinsed... Layed down and could finally sleep.... I recommend this highly!... Good luck

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