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mix mashed garlic and salt...rub or plunge on the affected area for a few minutes...rinse...voila no more pain

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I've had a toothache for several days now & just looked this site up. I minced a clove of garlic & pasted it with kosher salt with the back of my knife. I wet a small piece of a cotton ball, spread some paste on it & held it on my tooth. I didn't hold it long since it was burning like hell but I've repeated 3 times and my pain is at least 85% better. Thank you so much for this tip!


The back of my teeth has been hurting for the pass few days and nothing has worked like this! Even helped with the pain around the gums....burning wasnt so bad and remember dont be afraid to bit down on that clove to get the juices going.....soooooo much better!


wish i could do this everyone is recommending it to me but im severely allergic to garlic.


The garlic thing works. I had used all the pain killers to no Vain. The burning sensation will be hot but afterwards you feel better and relieved. let me see if i can sleep comfortably. i have made more garlic by the bed side



Glenn Burney

Well woke up middle of night throbbing pain, Ive tried salt water etc the easy methods in the past nothing works, Tried this and surprisingly so far so good, maybe asleep in 10 mins THANKS


This works it's worth a try


The garlic and salt combination really worked for me and I couldn't believe it would give me relief within minutes after 2 paracetamols just didn't do a thing! As I'm breastfeeding I also needed to watch my medication, so thank you all for this advice posted as it helped me in the middle of the night!


who ever wrote this in the first place is an absolute genius ..... i mashed up a clove of garlic and mixed with salt then i put it into an empty paracetamol tub and added water then swilled the garlicy salt water near the tooth and rinsed..... no tooth ach or vampires .... Awsome!!!


This helped me a whole lot my teeth feel much better with the garlic mince thank for the remedy.

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