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BigBoss Mitch

Urine Is A Simple Cure For Smelly Feet!

Urea, an anti-fungal compound in urine. So, urinating on the feet can also cure stinky feet.
So , try urinate on your feet in the shower. Best and simple idea. It works.

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why is everyone freaking out. Its proven that a lot of things are cure by NATURAL things such as urine. SO GROW UP PEOPLE.

Henry Arnold

You guys really need to try it. You might not know it but it does also have a wonderful fell when you are urinating on you feet plus it works so what is everyone's problems with it. By the way I am a guy.


Urine is a wonderful thing. After I had read this I went and had a shower and not only urinated on my feet but my hands and I also put some in my hands and put it on my penis it is just great!!


It does work. Nothing else worked for me except this.


This really does work. I bought my husband every available foot cream, powder and spray and nothing cured the odor itself. Someone told him about urinating on his feet in the shower. It worked. Now my son is having the same issue and is being ridiculous about doing it. How silly. It's only urine. You wash with soap afterwords, but the healing properties are amazing, and It's free!! My son seeing that i was responding to this, and how silly others sounded, just said...your right mom, ill try it! Thank you God for giving us our own resources to heal ourselves!!


The people who make the most noise about this obviously have some deep dark problems and fetishes. It's petty much the cleanest emission from the human body.


I've been doing this for years....originally to cure athletes foot, now to prevent it. I swear by it!


urea is IN SWEAT sweaty feet=badd foot odor smart person


Funny when someone types in caps to strongly voice an opinion but is not intelligent enough to spell 'retarted' lmfao, the red squiggly line under your word is called spell check when clicked on. Try it :)


Does this Urine strategy work for acne on your face too?

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