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BigBoss Mitch

Urine Is A Simple Cure For Smelly Feet!

Urea, an anti-fungal compound in urine. So, urinating on the feet can also cure stinky feet.
So , try urinate on your feet in the shower. Best and simple idea. It works.

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Sorry man. Even if it works I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT. I wonder who is going to take a piss bath? if u really need urea then go buy some from fertilizer store. it's pretty cheap. XS


freakin stupid!!!!


it does work for athlects foot to


First off, I don't see why people act like this is such a big deal! I'm sure we've all done it at one time or another. If you haven't, then you're the freak. Second, learn to spell and use correct grammar if you are going to judge others. Lastly, it was mentioned to urinate on own feet; therefore, the comment 'go pee on yourself' is correct!!!


I heard of this remedy a few years back when i was a college athlete. The person who wrote it gave an example of military people who did it and worked. I was so desperate I tried it and honestly ive been doing it in the shower ever since. Worked better than any thing else. No more athletes foot. Thanks for putting it out there. I didnt take it seriously at first either but the results speak for themselves.


Quit being so judgemental, you freaks! Don't like it? Don't try it. No need to type in all caps.


I know it doesn sound nice n may give a yucky feeling too. But I too have heard of this as a remedy n it does work so If your game enough to try it then go ahead else try the other remedies.No one's put a Gun to your head or your P**IS, so stop whining.


Guaranteed works as instant cure for athletes foot, funguses & odors. urine is sterile when you pee. Military teaches this to cure in the field where clean water & meds may be unavauilable to soldiers. if u dont want to try it then dont. if u try it just wash feet afterwards. not that hard.


that urine method really works!


Urine is a great thing to get rid of that yuck smell that comes of your feet you should all try it!

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