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I have had restless legs for a long time now and my Dr used to prescribe Quinine for me, which worked great & I would not have them when I was taking the quinine. However, my great health insurance company decided I did not need this medication so stopped paying for it. My daughter (who is a nurse) suggested tonic water, but before that, I found Hyland's leg cramp relief pills (they are in grocery stores as well as drug stores) and they have a regular one, as well as a PM one (which is the one I got). This is amazing & really doexs work!!! And because it is not a drug, you can take 1 or more than is suggested & it will not hurt you. It has worked for me, so perhaps you might want to try it out,,.

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Thank you for this 'otc product' into...we will go out and get this tomorrow...hopefully it will work for me too...will also give the tonic water a try!!


Bought Hyland's from a vitamin place - outstanding!! 1-3 tablets before bedtime and no more RLS!!


I have surfed the internet for help with my restless legs. I was taking Ropinerole to no avail. Went to the health food store and bought Hylands and 2-3 little tablets under my tongue before bedtime and I am fine. No more prescriptions for me.


I'm excited! I am a 33 yr. old male who has been suffering moderate to severe RLS for about 5yrs. I currently take Ropinerole, but it seems to do more harm than good. I will try OTC leg cramp and tonic water cure. Thanks again.

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