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At least 4 ounces of pickle juice will stop leg cramps in less than 2 minutes. It's not too bad if it's cold and it works wonders.

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I just learned about pickle juice as a cure and it works!!! I have not had a leg cramp at night and have slept well for the last 5 nights. Every night before bed I had a shot glass of pickle juice. NO LEG CRAMPS!! Don't count this cure out until you have tried it.

William (Mossel Bay)

Pickle juice just before bed time also works wonders, no need to wait for a cramp to start or the disturbance of your sleep. Accasionally I will still get a cramp or two, red vinegar cider helps also, always have a mixture next to my bed. Take the very small coke bottle, fill cider to the first bottom ring, water to top of label, add teaspoon of sugar and shake. Sweetdreams everyone, no cramps.

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