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Healthy butt

Omg, it worked! I had doubts, serious doubts, but the thought of surgery to remove a skin tag was very scary. I thought my skin tag was different because it was the result of a hemmoroid removed. I thought maybe the vein was still in there, that the tag was connected somehow.

But it was so gross, so hard to keep clean, having skin dangling off your butt's tender area. How could I ever have sex again? As a female, having a skin tag off your anus would be especially noticeable! Gross!

So I decided to try the dental floss removal idea promising myself to use neosporin two to three times a day and keep close watch for swelling redness or pain.

The first attempt I don't think I got it tight enough, not much happened. So I kept that one on, but took a second piece of floss after about 5 days and tied another one, tight at the base. Wasn't easy by the way, very awkward, so dont worry if you take a few tries. This time, I felt like I got it, but still it didnt seem like much was happening. It had been about two weeks now. Discouraged but not giving up because I was in no pain, the initial tightening off floss around the area stings a bit but that was it except for very slight discomfort at times.

So, I tied one more time. This time it seemed different like it was shrinking and drying up. I got excited. Sure enough today after about four days more total, I saw a black ball of skin attached by the thinnest piece of skin just sitting there in a ball of floss. I took some cuticle scissors, sterilized, pull the black ball and snipped the teeny tiny piece of skin holding it on and that was it. Gone! No pain, no bleeding, nothing! The biggest relief!

On a side note...
After all I have been through having kids with hemmys as a result and then this disgusting skin tag, I am confident that neosporin, keeping clean, hot baths, exercise and eating right will keep you butt healthy. oh, and eat garlic! It's a body cleaner especially when it comes out the other end and avoid wheat and dairy, builds up bacteria.

Okay, I'm off to enjoy my new smooth butt crack!

Thank goodness for this site!!!!

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Oh my god it hurts! I'm taking the 800 mg of ibuprofen, did the sitz bath, neosporin with the pain reliever, now I'm icing my soar butt, and once again regretting this.
My tag is goes from each sideof the butt and from the opening of the anus up to the middle of the taint. I don't know how I am going to manage work tomorrow, but I will have to cringe through it. I am walking like I have something stuck up my butt.
I'm hoping the ice will numb the pain and keep any swelling down.
Sorry if there are issues with the text, I'm having to use my phone because my computer isn't working right now.


I've had two pretty large skin tags.
The first was under my balls, and was getting to be really painful, so I went to the doctor. I never even knew what skin tags were, so I thought it was cancer or something.
Of course, they sent me to a PA instead of a real doctor, and it was a woman, so it was kind of embarrassing having this woman touching my balls.
She said I should go to a surgeon friend of hers, who would gladly cut it off for $300.
I took her friend's card, but since she had reassured me it wasn't serious, I let it turn kind of scabby, and it came right off a few days later with no bleeding.
My second skin tag was right by my armpit, and was much larger than the other one, and a big ball had formed at the end of the stringy part.
I went online and found the dental floss method, so I tied it nice and tight, and waited a few days.
It started to swell and turn purple, which I assumed was from the blood supply being cut off.
Tonight, I gave it a little tug, and it just came right off.
This time however, it did bleed, but a band aid over a cotton ball seeped in hydrogen peroxide has stopped the bleeding as of now.
There's still a bit of the stringy part of the skin tag left, but at least the big ball part is gone.

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