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Healthy butt

Omg, it worked! I had doubts, serious doubts, but the thought of surgery to remove a skin tag was very scary. I thought my skin tag was different because it was the result of a hemmoroid removed. I thought maybe the vein was still in there, that the tag was connected somehow.

But it was so gross, so hard to keep clean, having skin dangling off your butt's tender area. How could I ever have sex again? As a female, having a skin tag off your anus would be especially noticeable! Gross!

So I decided to try the dental floss removal idea promising myself to use neosporin two to three times a day and keep close watch for swelling redness or pain.

The first attempt I don't think I got it tight enough, not much happened. So I kept that one on, but took a second piece of floss after about 5 days and tied another one, tight at the base. Wasn't easy by the way, very awkward, so dont worry if you take a few tries. This time, I felt like I got it, but still it didnt seem like much was happening. It had been about two weeks now. Discouraged but not giving up because I was in no pain, the initial tightening off floss around the area stings a bit but that was it except for very slight discomfort at times.

So, I tied one more time. This time it seemed different like it was shrinking and drying up. I got excited. Sure enough today after about four days more total, I saw a black ball of skin attached by the thinnest piece of skin just sitting there in a ball of floss. I took some cuticle scissors, sterilized, pull the black ball and snipped the teeny tiny piece of skin holding it on and that was it. Gone! No pain, no bleeding, nothing! The biggest relief!

On a side note...
After all I have been through having kids with hemmys as a result and then this disgusting skin tag, I am confident that neosporin, keeping clean, hot baths, exercise and eating right will keep you butt healthy. oh, and eat garlic! It's a body cleaner especially when it comes out the other end and avoid wheat and dairy, builds up bacteria.

Okay, I'm off to enjoy my new smooth butt crack!

Thank goodness for this site!!!!

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I have a problem with skin tag on my anal due to anal fissures, can someone please email me if this method has worke for them..

Thank u so much:(.. I dont want to do surgery..


I had an anal skin tag for years, made worse by 2 pregnancies. I asked my GP about it & was told that it wasn't standard practise to remove them. It had grown to about 1cm long & 0.5cm wide at the base.
So I decided to have a go at tying it after reading several success stories.
In total it took a month. The first attempt was with cotton thread: it was easy to put on, but once I'd tightened the noose the cotton seemed to cut into me and it was so painful. I believe it actually cut the base of the tag halfway off. but it was agony. I cut the thread off & left it a day or two before trying again.
2nd attempt was cotton again. Still painful, but I hoped that as the base was now smaller it wouldn't hurt as much. It did!
After a few days I cut the thread & left it to settle again.
3rd attempt: dental floss. The noose kept slipping so I had to tie a knot on top of that. It was more comfortable than the thread but still cut in when sat in a certain position. I could see it slowly beginning to work - the tag looked & felt different - more rubbery. One day it would be quite soft, the next it would be swollen & hard. After a few more days I didn't feel that the floss was tight enough, so I tied another piece on top of the old piece. I tied it tight - determined it would be my last & most successful attempt. It really hurt. Every time I 'caught' the tag or the ends of the floss it seemed to pull on a really sore open wound. Sometimes the pain would make me feel sick.
2 days ago I looked at the tag and it had gone dark purple. It was also a really odd texture, like it had dried inside. Yesterday it was huge & red & extremely painful to walk, sit down or pretty much do anything.
This morning I went to the loo and when I wiped there was a horrible smell & pink gooey stuff on the tissue. I had a proper look and the tag was as black as can be and flat & empty. The two pieces of floss were loose, so I cut them off to find that the tag was only attached by a piece of skin as thick as a piece of cotton! I snipped it off. No pain, no blood, just a horrible shrivelled bit of black skin.
As painful and disgusting as it has been, I am so happy and excited that it has gone. It's unbelievable. My bum feels so different - clean, smooth & normal. Amazing!
If you're feeling brave & you have a good pain threshold, go for it.


I was getting so sick of feeling disgusting and I been having butt acne. So I went online for that first and went to cvs and got stuff got that. While there I went back online and found this site. Omg I need feel like I have hope. It took me a looong time to tie the dental floss around my skin tag which has 3 different pieces it seems I think I got most of it but if this works I my have to do it again. So I tied two pieces of floss and use neosoin and putting apply cider vinegar with cotton on the area. I want to feel better about myself and have a guy not wonder wtf this is. Thank you to telling your stories. I didn't know if I would have had to deal with this all my life. I will let you know what happens. Btw I don't have pain it feels like a pitch and I can deal with that as long as I have to to make my life better.


Day two of this. Hasn't been bad. Yesterday I was able to tie off another tag. That one hurt. First day I was able to put apple cider vinger on the area but not after that. It burn like hell so I wouldn't recommend doing that. Today I was able to tie off all the tags together. Now I hurt. I took 3 ib profin and I hope that will help.


Well this is my third night of not being able to sleep well due to the disconvert of skin tag. A couple of nights ago I was final able to tie the base of my skin tag and has been hurting me ever since but I believe it is worth the pain in the short time to get rid of this thing I have had for a few years now. I piece of my skin tag is turning purple now. It's been five days to that one and hoping tying off the rest it will help make it go faster. I'm glad I have the next four days off. I hope the pain goes away. I have been putting neosion about 3 times a day and taking ib profin 3 times a day as well.


because of this article i try it , it really works .I didnt believe it would work. I thank God. It was alot of pain but it was worth it . My tag drop off in 5 days it was really stink .wow its really gone!!!


So it's been a month now. I keep tying new knotts when my bum stops hurting from the last time. They haven't gone away yet because still turning grey. My problem is, they aren't swollen but from my original skin tags to what I have now, it's like 3 times larger than what they were. They are getting rubbery and drier but at the same time grown? I'm still doing it, it's too late to not. Maybe mine were big but I saw other people saying it was a grape size and that's what mine was. It is flatter and the dental floss is cutting into it especially when I go #2. But now I see what could be more skin tags under the ones that I tied off. I hope it goes away soon. I'm still very hopefully.


Finally after 3 MONTHS my tag fell off. I kept doing everything on here and just wouldn't go. I got more skin tags in between trying to get rid of the one big one. One day I had a pitching feeling that hurt a lot to move. I went home checked and the dental floss (one of many pieces) was cutting/ hurting a part of me, I cut the dental floss off and it helped. I next day I was in a lot of pain again. That night I couldn't sleep because of the pain. So 1:00 am I took a Epson bath and that helped a bit and went back to bed. When I woke up around 7am the skin tag hurt but I checked on it and it was all purple and later that day it fell off. Really weird. Over three months and nothing, within hours it just fell off. I'm so glad it's gone, so much better. Now for the little ones I now have, I'm to try that new Skin tag product and see if that will remove the rest.


I also have an anal skin tag that I really want to remove, I think it is ridiculous that they are not removed by doctors as they are counted as cosmetic procedures when people get boob jobs on the NHS all the time. I am trying the tying off trick. I have been doing it over the last couple of days. It is very awkward and the string always falls off after a few hours. I guess maybe I am not tying it tight enough but it's really painful when I initially tie it. Not too bad afterwards, just a bit tender. I did try some Apple Cider Vinegar on it and it really stung. I'm a bit reluctant to carry on using it in the area as it's quite hard to keep it just on the skin tag and I don't want the surrounding areas turning black as people have described with ACV. I'll keep you guys posted, I'm just praying that it works soon as I have a new boyfriend and I don't want to have explain the dental floss the first time we have sex and I would rather not have an unattractive skin tag!


So, I've tried this before and it was horrible. I didn't get all the way to the base, and it ended up cutting the tag into multiple pieces. But, I'm determined to get rid of this thing so I'm trying it once again. I have to say, I almost cried in frustration trying to get the dental floss on. I can't tell if I did it right. I think right now I am just over it. Want it gone so bad I'm close to hacking it off. I have tried the nail polish, freeze off, tea tree oil, drawing salve, and the tie off method. I really hope I can handle it this time. Wish me and my butt luck. Please let there be no pain!!!

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