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Healthy butt

Omg, it worked! I had doubts, serious doubts, but the thought of surgery to remove a skin tag was very scary. I thought my skin tag was different because it was the result of a hemmoroid removed. I thought maybe the vein was still in there, that the tag was connected somehow.

But it was so gross, so hard to keep clean, having skin dangling off your butt's tender area. How could I ever have sex again? As a female, having a skin tag off your anus would be especially noticeable! Gross!

So I decided to try the dental floss removal idea promising myself to use neosporin two to three times a day and keep close watch for swelling redness or pain.

The first attempt I don't think I got it tight enough, not much happened. So I kept that one on, but took a second piece of floss after about 5 days and tied another one, tight at the base. Wasn't easy by the way, very awkward, so dont worry if you take a few tries. This time, I felt like I got it, but still it didnt seem like much was happening. It had been about two weeks now. Discouraged but not giving up because I was in no pain, the initial tightening off floss around the area stings a bit but that was it except for very slight discomfort at times.

So, I tied one more time. This time it seemed different like it was shrinking and drying up. I got excited. Sure enough today after about four days more total, I saw a black ball of skin attached by the thinnest piece of skin just sitting there in a ball of floss. I took some cuticle scissors, sterilized, pull the black ball and snipped the teeny tiny piece of skin holding it on and that was it. Gone! No pain, no bleeding, nothing! The biggest relief!

On a side note...
After all I have been through having kids with hemmys as a result and then this disgusting skin tag, I am confident that neosporin, keeping clean, hot baths, exercise and eating right will keep you butt healthy. oh, and eat garlic! It's a body cleaner especially when it comes out the other end and avoid wheat and dairy, builds up bacteria.

Okay, I'm off to enjoy my new smooth butt crack!

Thank goodness for this site!!!!

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Meagan R

Not to hurt your feelings or get you worried.. but what your describing sounds more like Genitle Warts (hpv). You ummm instead of cracking jokes you might want to go get yourself checked. No offense but it's peoples ignorance like yours that spred disease.


Meagen that stupid comment was totally uncalled for. You can't say 'don't want to worry you or hurt your feelings' then accuse the person of being ignorant. You sound like an utter idiot. This poor woman has had a problem so common, has had children, and you come on here suggesting her ignorance spreads disease? Are you a complete twit or just malicious? Or bitter cause you yourself have had genital warts? I have had the same problem as her and my doctor suggested too that i try this same method to rid of a skin tag. It's people like you that make others feel self conscious about personal problems when all they want to do is get advice or give it to others. I suggest either you educate yourself or just sod off. Or you could try being happy for this woman who is clearly much happier that she's been able to rid of something which got her down. That is all.


She probably has warts and is mad at the world!! Lmao!!!


I just tried this but it didn't really hurt and I didn't want to pull any tighter than I already was?? any advice?


Definitely not warts. Not sure where that came from. I had hemmaroid surgery and after it healed was left with about a half inch skin tag. My doc said he could remove it surgically. Didn't want that and was thrilled to discover another solution.

I came back to my posting to let everyone know that I just did the same procedure on a small external hemmaroid and it worked there too! I had to tie it off with floss about three times and waited about a month, but it shriveled up and died and fell off.

Anyway, trying to be helpful by sharing information aside, how curious that a man posts removing a skin tag and everyone is grateful. A woman posts removing a skin tag and is accused of havitng warts??

Good luck.


For the person seeking advice, it shouldn't hurt but you will feel a little sting when you tighten the floss. Both times I have had to tie floss three times and wait 2 weeks to a month. So be patient but it worked both times.

Good luck.


Meagan's response was disgusting.

Its sad that as a woman you are critsized whereas a man with a similar story is praised.

I for one are forever grateful for your feedback. You've helped me alot. I hope to get similar results as you.eeekkk I hope.


in need

Fingers crossed that you re-visit this post and can offer me some help.
I too have a skin tag there...from a hemorrhoid years and years ago (Sorry for TMI) it is large, and elongated, more like a flap. I have tied the floss the sting permanant? Because mine is. This is due to it 'bunching up' as it is a flap... It hurts SO much. Have I tied it too tight? Pretty screwed if I have because I don't think I can un-do it! Pleeeease help me!

in need

3 days later... Nothing happening... Except extreme pain!


Thank you so much for posting this. It gave me the courage to try it myself. I had an ugly tag where the sun don't shine. Tied floss, kept it clean, waited 10 days, then it magically fell off! I am so stoked! I don't think I would have tried if you didn't share your story. Thank you!!!

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