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Drink cranberry juice about four to five times a day for a week. Within the first day you will notice the difference. Cranberry juice is an excellent preventative measure as well.

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Also, there are cranberry pills available next to UTI over the counter medications in most drug stores. I get UTIs often and they are pretty bad, but taking one cranberry pill a day has kept me from having one for almost 6 months now!


Will drinking a mix of cranberry and pomegranite juice still work? I drank about two glasses today.
so I will see if it helped in the morning.


I have done a little research. Your cranberry juice has to be at least 25% cranberry juice then grape or whatever, but it has to have that 25%. You should drink an 8oz glass every 10-12 hours. Cranberries have something in them that do not allow the bacteria to stick to your urinary tract. But this can only prevent one, once the bacteria grabs hold, forget about it. I also read that taking alka-seltzer at the first sign can keep it from comming on, but havn't tried that, just got it off another home remedy site.


WATER!WATER!WATER!Cranberry juice is good, but it can dehydrate you as well.
I like to take one cranberry pill a day and I always keep a water bottle in the car, by the bed, in the fridge. I don't like to drink water, but if its in clear view, I end up reaching for it first.


if you dont like cranberry juice at all like me. makes me sick from the taste try drinking Cranapple juice. it tastes good and it gets rid of it in about six to seven days. drink cranapple juice and water only. no soda or milk.


At the health food stores like the Vitamin Cottage they sell small bottles of strong concentrated pure cranberry juice, amost like an elixir.

Drink entire bottle in one day, one fourth at a time, and continue treatment by following with a couple of bottles of pure unsweetened cranberry juice for urinary tract infection, drank in the next couple of days.

A little pricey, but it works and saves a trip to the doctor and bombarding your system with antibiotics.


I have a uti problem last year and this year also I have to go to emergency with uti infection.I have complete all the antibiotic course, but since then I feel pain every other day I have read all the postings. I am taking 2 pills of canberry everyday and dring water every hours since wake up at 8:00am to 11pm. I dont know whats happening couple of days I am fine but again I feel the same pain and like to go to the bathroom every 45 minutes, please give me the suggestions.

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