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When I became pregnant, I could not longer use the topical steroids that controlled my quite severe scalp psoriasis.I was able to still use the salicylic acid shampoo but it didn't do enough. Strangely enough, I found that just putting Vaseline on the scabs overnight and then washing my hair has totally controlled breakouts. The only downside is that is does make your hair a bit greasy until the second washing, but if you've had s.p. this is a small small problem. Super cheap too!

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I have suffered from severe scalp psoriasis for the past few years. Ive been to dermatalogists. Ive tried several prescriptions, over the counter medicines, and shampoos. I have even lost a majority of my hair. It has been, painful, embarrassing, and ive pretty much had to wear a hat for two years. Vaseline is the only thing that works!! Thank you so much. I cant tell you how greatful I am.


I have dealt with this for many, many years and came across a blog that suggested Listerine mouthwash! I poured a capful on the part of my scalp that stays broken out and am shocked to say that it is gone! Yes, gone! I did this two days ago so I'm not sure if I will have to repeat it or not or how often but no matter what I have used in the past, NOTHING has gotten rid of all of the scales at one time like the LISTERINE! I am so excited and hope it is a lasting fix!

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