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First mix a bit of white sugar, brown sugar, ground coffee (coffee for exfoliate & plumpness) together. Then pour olive oil, honey. And a little of lime or lemon juice (Optional, But good for a cleanse and lighten dark spots). Pour olive depending how thick or loose you want. But not so much to where it's runny and not to less to where its too dry. Scrub in circular motion. DO NOT SCRUB HARD! Wash off with warm water, dry. Apply good lip balm, or even better apply vitamin E to lips. For sure beautiful lips. Works everytime.

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Ok... I was looking for some home remidies and I found yours. It was... AMAZING! Although I wasn't fond of the taste my lips look wonderful!


great! but can you store it?


This made my lips nice and soft but it did not plump them and i need big lips coz im goin on a date and a first kiss needs to be good. Good for overall lip health not plumping.


Good thing I already have natural plump lips so I didn't really need the plump but as far as softening goes it worked so awesome my lips were so soft for that first kiss


I'm lucky enough to have never suffered with bad skin, acne, or many spots..but occasionally have flaky, tight feeling dry skin around my lip area ( particularly when stressed and low) even if I use chap stick mounted on for two days straight it doesnt work! this remedy made my lips feel moisturised and soft, and that horrid dry, flaky skin is gone. They feel tingly and plump. Thankyou SO much everyone use this!


I love this remedy!

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