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After seeing rave reviews I started using sinusoothe nasal spray. Due to my nasal congestion I was only getting three hours sleep a night. Now I sleep so well I have gained all my energy levels back. This contains essential oils such as cinnamon and tea tree and it really clears my nasal passages. I have also found after using this I have much less nasal congestion so I don't to use it as much. At first I used sinusoothe three maybe four times a day now I use it once every couple of days.

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I have not seen this product in store local in Houston, TX. Any idea where I may be able to find it?


found it online. seems a little pricey, unless you figure how much you've spent on nasal sprays. then it's not so pricey.


Hmmm...sounds like someone's advertising here.


I had a cold and used Afrin to relieve my nasal congestion. Now I have to use Afrin atleast 3 times a day. It's like my nose got addicted to it. I use a prescription nose spray as well as tak8ng zyrtec every day.. will this spray you are describing possibly help my situation?

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