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It's important to differentiate between ear congestion due to an ear/sinus infection and due to wax buildup. Basically, if you feel pain inside your ear, it's an infection. If all you feel is pressure, it could very well be just a wax blockage.

For an infection, antibiotics, hot compresses, allergy medication, and the other remedies listed can all help. If it's wax buildup, hot compresses can again help, but the best thing to do is to go to your local pharmacy and find both wax-softening ear drops and a plastic syringe. Use the drops as directed a few times a day, and each night rinse out your ears using warm water from the syringe. Flush the affected ear(s) a couple times each night, and it should eventually loosen up and blast out the wax.

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Took the advice of this post, because my left ear was plugged. so happy to say it worked great! flushed a lot of wax out of my ear this morning and I can now hear great! Even better then before lol :-) so now doing the same with my right ear so they are even with hearing capability. I used Murine Ear Wax Removal System that I found at Walgreens for about $9, worth every penny!


I will never be able to thank you all enough for these posts. They have been most helpful. I had been waking up with my ears clogged for about a week and this morning had pain. I am following the hot compress and murine suggestion and the warm is wonderful. I will then assess the pain to determine if I should make an appointment with my doctor. I am so glad that I found this site! Thanks again!! <3


Yes! These are two entirely different things. My son gets repeated ear wax blockage and we always had to go to the doctor. We were fed up with that so I googled and decided too try our water pik after using ear drops to soften the wax. You just put very warm water in the water pik device and some hydrogen peroxide and start at a low intensity to flush out the ear. It took a few treatments over a couple days but it worked!

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