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Remedy for restless leg syndrome is Magnessum take one to two when it starts and it takes only half an hour and it will go away.

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I wish I had a clue about why this works for some people. In the 19 pages of RLS remedies, bars of soap are mentioned at least once on just about every page. Someone told my wife about the soap and so she made me try it and nothing happened. The dog did chew on the soap - amazing what dogs will chew on! Are some people just very suggestable? Does thinking about the soap distract some people long enough for them to get to sleep? I have read every suggestion on each of the 19 pages and am amazed at what works for some people such as magnets, roots, vinegar, meditation, etc. Don't get me wrong, I would put chucken bones in a bag under my pillow and whistle Dixie if it relieved my RLS. I guess the key is being able to convince yourself that such remedies will work for you. More power to you.

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