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Get Red Cross toothache med. kit !!!! I got my wisdom teeth out last Monday (all four) and had the average pain from having those teeth pulled. On Wednesday night I started to get throbbing pain that went to my eats and the rest of my teeth began to have an ache pain. Thursday and Friday is only got worse.Realizing it was in fact dry sockets. Saturday (today) I was in tears on and off throughout the entire day due to the pain in my ears and jaw from dry socket. By 11:00 PM tonight I could not take it so I went online to see if there were any suggestions I could find besides all of the pain killers I have already been taking. The red cross kit was the one thing i found highly recommended. It has clove oil in it which instantly gets rid of the pain. I immediately called the 24 hour cvs located 25 mins away to make sure they had it. THANK GOD they did. I brushed my teeth good when I got home and used qtips to put the clove oil from the kit in dry socket. Note- do no do this laying down ha (dripped into throat) wasnt so pleasent. WORKS AMAZINGGGG

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