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Analy Layla

I get cranker sores at leat 5 times a year and ive always just waited them out and got through the horrible pain because i was nervouse to try home remedies. It came to a point where i just couldnt take the pain anymore. Couldnt eat, couldnt talk and could barely sleep through the night. I came to my senses and Started to put trust into these remedies thinking i might as well try something since its better than not doing anything at all. This one post i came across was very straight forward. And that was to put salt directly onto the sore for about 10 minutes. Now i knew that was going to hurt like H***! It seemed like the most crazy, intense thing to do! Because obviously its going to hurt but its only for a short time. 10-20 sec. Throughout those 10-20 sec of pain it is killing bacteria in the sore and sucking all the liquid out making it heal at that very second. I did it, and I saw a difference in my sore rite away. It works!! Yes its painful but would you rather sit around being in constant pain just letting the sore slowly heal on its own? Or take action, Go to war and put a 10-20 sec fight!! After the pain from the salt goes away. Your sore will numb and feel better. As the sore heals, putting salt on it as needed will decrease the pain. Its great and well worth it. Hope it helps!!:)

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Guy With A Canker Sore

I Read All Of Thse Comments and It Really Gave Me Hope!! I just did it, my wife had to call me a punk 1st lol... butit burned a lil, the like magic, the sore got numb and now im able to move my lip like theres nothin there!! ill post again tomorrow to update how i feel!! Thank u so much bro!!


The salt did help deminish the pain and I am sure it will continue to do so. I had my first canker sore(s) in my life after a dentist adjusted my bite and left sharp teeth sticking in my jaw and gums. I tried several things once I figured out I had canker sores. The salt works and for me it did not hurt any worse than the canker sore. So buck up and try the salt.


Wow. I just tried the salt. I've had canker sores many times in my life. Hate them of course. Have used oragel mouth sore gel and it helps a lot but seems like it takes longer for healing. Tried 123 magic mouthwash from my doctor, eh, works on little sores, but I have a huge sore at the opening of my mouth and my Sharp tooth keeps rubbing it every second so it seems like it is even more irritated. Ugh. Well, magic mouthwash helps as long as I keep the stuff in my mouth constantly, the second I spit it out or my tooth touches it, it removes the film and right back to intense pain. I've had it for about 3-4 days now and it has been very bad for 2 days so far, today it is very difficult to speak, eat, drink, and I can't even smile because of the location of my sore and my tooth. So, my husband told me that he got a sore once and said he got frustrated with it and wet his finger, put salt on his finger, then held it to his sore for 30 seconds. Said it brought tears but helped heal it. Well...... Tried it, and it was so painful that I was just screaming loudly and jumping up and down blahhhhhhh and my sore actually is even redder now than before and idk if it even helped or made it worse I just know that the pain was way way worse than the canker sore itself. :(



Gonna try it first thing in the morning thx my husband said put salt directly on it I told him he was crazy! Ll


I just tried this and I don't think it worked well at all. It was excruciatingly painful (I have 3 right now all in a row, slowly merging into 1 giant one). I put the salt on there and it was seriously incredibly painful. This intense throbbing started at the sores and moved down into my teeth and jaw and down my neck. I waited the 10 minutes suggested (while it became more and more painful) and then rinsed it out with warm water. The sores hurt more now than they did before I used the salt and they swelled up so now they're larger and more easily irritated.




Just tried it, decreased the pain majorly, going to try it a few more times. but it does work, thank you!


I am so thankful for this post, thank you everyone thank you goigle thank you internet.
I was uffering for days, after i tried the solt, yes it hurt a bit, but common in comparison with all the pain i used to have it was not that bad:)). No i m feeling great


Omg i thought i was going to burst into tears salt does hurt like H*ll but if you can keep it on there till the pain stops and do it a few times a day it really helps thanks for this rememedy!!!


After 6 days, my cranker soar still hurt and getting bigger. I search all over the internet for a solution and found many. I was curious about the salt and warm water solution and thought it was a joke. After reading the top post about putting salt directly onto the soar, I knew it was a one way ticket to hell. So I try it and bammmmmmm it is so freakin painful, tears start dripping from my eyes, stomping on my bathroom floor like a monkey.....rrrrrrrr!!! after like 30 mins, it felt a lot better and I am about to eat my bigger meal since having the damn thing...good luck with urs....

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