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Analy Layla

I get cranker sores at leat 5 times a year and ive always just waited them out and got through the horrible pain because i was nervouse to try home remedies. It came to a point where i just couldnt take the pain anymore. Couldnt eat, couldnt talk and could barely sleep through the night. I came to my senses and Started to put trust into these remedies thinking i might as well try something since its better than not doing anything at all. This one post i came across was very straight forward. And that was to put salt directly onto the sore for about 10 minutes. Now i knew that was going to hurt like H***! It seemed like the most crazy, intense thing to do! Because obviously its going to hurt but its only for a short time. 10-20 sec. Throughout those 10-20 sec of pain it is killing bacteria in the sore and sucking all the liquid out making it heal at that very second. I did it, and I saw a difference in my sore rite away. It works!! Yes its painful but would you rather sit around being in constant pain just letting the sore slowly heal on its own? Or take action, Go to war and put a 10-20 sec fight!! After the pain from the salt goes away. Your sore will numb and feel better. As the sore heals, putting salt on it as needed will decrease the pain. Its great and well worth it. Hope it helps!!:)

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Im scared to do it :(


I've always been too scared to do the salt trick but I'm to my breaking point with these darn sores! Definantly going to try this right now.


How did you put the salt in your mouth? With q-tips or your finger? PLease respond! Thank you!

Akash Asghar

I had Pain in my mouth, I had these hurting spots that in my country are known as 'CHHALA' and i looked it up and it was called Canker sores in English.

I have 5 spots in my mouth. 3 on the Tongue and 2 Near my Lips
So i tried this Salt thing

It was Beyond Painful. I guess the guy was right about going to war because my canker sores were screaming. It really did hurt and burn like hell.

Its a little better now. So, THANKYOU SIR


I tried this but wasn't able to keep the salt next to my (awful) canker for more than a couple minutes. The burn wasn't terrible though. This canker is on the underside of my tongue in the back, so there's no way to avoid saliva and keep the salt next to it.


Not sure if it works, but I do have less pain! Thank you so much!


I have been getting canker sores a lot lately. The first time I got it this year, I used peroxide and it helped to get rid of it. I put it directly on it as well as a mouth wash. The second time I got two of them, they were so painful that I couldn't talk, eat or swallow anything. Nothing I used worked. I had some antibiotics that I decided to take them. It took three days before they started to go away. This is the third time I am getting one for the year and I am tired of them. I decided to do some research for natural remedies and came across this one. I just tried it and it did help to reduce the pain. I hope it will work and I will continue to post to let people know if it really works.

Btw, does anyone know why I am getting them all of a sudden? I know I had them when I was a kid but never, ever this bad. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I got one. It must be like 10 years or more since i have had one.


I rarely get canker sores, and the description on this site about CANKER sores is one of the most accurate I have come across. I was about 10 yrs. old when I firs remember getting a canker sore, and I attributed mine as a food sensitivity to the acid in pineapple. I used to eat a whole pineapple almost everyday for a couple of years when I lived in Rio De Janeiro- they were so delicious- no immediate consequences. But I remember making a mental note when I got the
canker sore that the only thing that had changed
was that I had eaten some fresh pineapple. I remembered this because up until then it had been a while since I had eaten fresh pineapple. This was just a hypothesis. After 2 - 3 more outbreaks- spread over a time frame of ~1 year I would get canker sore(s) only after recently
eating fresh pineapple. I took this as a possible food sensitivity given the fact I ate so much pineapple as a kid.
To this day I rarely get a canker sore, and I am noticing that my sensitivity to pineapples is decreasing as I am incorporating pineapples into smoothies- I try to avoid eating more than a couple of bites of fresh pineapple by itself- and it has seemed to work- by not eating lots of pineapple by itself my canker sores are even more rare.
Back to the salt: It works. It may depend on wh you get canker sores, but in addition to attempting to identify and minimize the trigger; THE SALT WORKS IMMEDIATELY!!!
Someone asked about application: I try to be conscientious about hygiene so minimizing the contact of my hands and mouth is a concern; THE best application is to get a handful of those salt packets from any fast food chain- you know- those paper ones that hold the salt. In those two paper tube-like pouches, rip it open, and pour it directly onto the sore. Man it hurts but after 30-60 seconds it goes numb. And subsequent applications only. Continues the numbing effect. And it stops that sore from 'itching with pain' when left untreated. So anytime I get another canker sore, I get to some salt as soon as possible. It should be noted that this works best when the canker sore opens up into an ulcer- otherwise you have to wait until it does, but it works and it is almost always gone within 24-48 hours! Good luck- my heart goes out to those who get these painful sores on a regular basis


I posted earlier under the name Caliya, right above the post from the person about the pineapples. Salt does work. It numbs and reduces the pain. I tried the salt thing the first day I felt it coming on. I couldn't believe how much it reduced the pain. I have been applying the salt several times a day and I am so happy and relived to finally have something that works. Thanks.


I've had on for about 2 days now and it huuuuurrrrrrts! I will have to try this salt thing and see how it goes, but, I'm scared >_<

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