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Analy Layla

I get cranker sores at leat 5 times a year and ive always just waited them out and got through the horrible pain because i was nervouse to try home remedies. It came to a point where i just couldnt take the pain anymore. Couldnt eat, couldnt talk and could barely sleep through the night. I came to my senses and Started to put trust into these remedies thinking i might as well try something since its better than not doing anything at all. This one post i came across was very straight forward. And that was to put salt directly onto the sore for about 10 minutes. Now i knew that was going to hurt like H***! It seemed like the most crazy, intense thing to do! Because obviously its going to hurt but its only for a short time. 10-20 sec. Throughout those 10-20 sec of pain it is killing bacteria in the sore and sucking all the liquid out making it heal at that very second. I did it, and I saw a difference in my sore rite away. It works!! Yes its painful but would you rather sit around being in constant pain just letting the sore slowly heal on its own? Or take action, Go to war and put a 10-20 sec fight!! After the pain from the salt goes away. Your sore will numb and feel better. As the sore heals, putting salt on it as needed will decrease the pain. Its great and well worth it. Hope it helps!!:)

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I try it and it does work


Hi Analy, thank you for the advice. I will try it right now. I have this dreadful pain and lot of these aphtosa in my mouth for 5 days. Nothing helped so far, the doctor prescribed me Vagothyll but the pain is the same. Thank you for the help.


this worked for me, thanks!


Thank you so much for posting this!

I couldn't bear the pain anymore and thank God for google!!


WOW!! I am in utter shock! this treatment does work... instant change! AMAMZING!!! Thank you Thank you!!


Have tried almost everything and I believe the salt helps it heal faster than anything you buy for canker sores.

meghin :)

this works really well i did it yesterday and all 3 of my canker sores are gone!! thanks so much!!


:) relief after trying everything the salt rub for 20seconds hurts but it works!!


I'm about to try it, you guys are giving me hope :)


It works!!!!!!!!!!

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