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Plantar Warts

Nothing works better for plantar warts than good old fashion grey duct tape. Here's what you do:
* shave the wart down to make it flat.
* cover the wart and the surrounding area around the wart with duct tape.
* leave the duct tape on for 10 days.
* if the duct tape starts to come off just replace it.
* On the 10th day take the tape of and soak your foot in warm water while scrubing the wart with a pumis rock to remove the dead skin.
* re-tape your foot again for another 10 days and repeat the process until the wart is gone.

I have personally done this and believe me it was the ONLY thing that worked for me.

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I hope so


I tried this as well and it worked. It was also the only thing that worked for me. It was painless and leaves no scar. I had previously gone to a doctor, they stuck a huge needle in the bottom of my foot, I can't explain how painful this was, then a few months later it came back.

This method works for all warts. Try a waterproof tape for warts on hands and other areas. Duct tape seems to work best on a planters wart because it sticks better.


Tape did not work for me! Tries it for a month. No success. Now I am filing every day with a Dr. Scholl foot file. This seems to work better. They seem to be shrinking! Not as painful either!


o i hope so too


thank you before when i got warts i had to go to the doctor and get them burned off hurt so bad now i dont

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