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Dr Sanath

Plantar warts are thickenings of the skin layer called epidermis.This is cvaused by a virus HPV. So it doesnt mean we should get scared.
First take a water heater nd heat it until it steams out. Use a long stick of about 20cm with one end of it covered by medical cotton. Dip the end covered with cotton into the steaming water which will be poured ito a cup.Then pace the dipped cotton on the warts for around 10 seconds. It might be painful for some but do resist it.Repeat it 10 mints 3 times each day.The wart resolves by itself. A black necrotic part appears after some weeks and falls off.
Be healthy and thanks for this website which helps many.

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boiling water?


steaming water? why do you need a 20 cm stick? all you're saying is to put hot water on the wart?

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