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I grew warts when I was 15 (I'm 22 now) and since then I've had 10 std tests and 5 pap smears and not once has hpv shown up in the tests. I know they are warts because a) I didn't have them before b) I remember they itched when I first got them and c) they spread when I applied acv incorrectly :( 3 months ago.I did visit public clinics due to my lack of insurance but the fact that no doctor ever told me what I had puzzles me. Maybe since a lot of people have it they were lazy and didnt want to offer treatment? It still angers me because I could've treated them sooner, I started my treatment back in November (its the end of feb now) and I'm just seeing results.

Like many of you, when I first began I only used acv. They shrank at first but then they would just swell up, go back to being pink and never turn white or black. Oh, and they spread :(.. I then started using castor oil and it helped but when I would apply tea tree oil my warts would swell up and return to their original color (I was so desperate I rotated all treatments I read of!) garlic pill oil, real garlic, banana peels, you name it. I tried it and nothing happened. I even tied them with dental floss (which is extremely hard) some never came back but some grew under. It still helped because I had them for 6 years without treatment and it weakened them, the floss was the ONLY treatment that turned them black but tying them was tidius and the bleeding felt like they were spreading.

Three days ago I started doing an hour of a cotton ball with avc then another hour of a cotton ball with tea tree oil and then vitamin e oil, twice a day. For the first time they're white and peeling off instead of swelling up! 3 months without sex, I know it's driving my bf crazy but he's so supportive, Im so close to getting rid of these fuckers. Don't give up ladies, I swear but the end of the 2nd month I almost did and I glad and kept it at!

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Joyce mphahama

I have gential warts they grow everyday.i need help


I understand how you feel no matter what I do my warts countie to grow... The pain is unbearable.


I'd recommend you try different things. I forgot to add my vagina is ALWAYS oiled up, whether it's the castor oil I carry in my purse or the vitamin e, whenever I use the bathroom and wipe, I apply these oils to suffocate them. Don't ever forget you're carrying these things, the moment you do they spread so attack whenever possible

. It's looking great down there, they're aren't fully gone but it looks better than when I started.


I am all for natural home remedies as I have Genital Herpes and Genital wart. Like 6 years ago I had my 1st and only outbreak if the warts on my vagina. I didn't have health insurance but that God for Planned Parenthood. I got my treatment there by a doctor who need what she was doing I would go every week for her to burn those suckers off. My vagina was so sore but it was worth it. Finally she prescribe a cream for me to use very expensive and I didn't ave insurance cost me almost $200 but I wanted the warts gone for good. After a couple treatment at home with the cream which burnt like hell. I have been wart free for many years. I pray to God every day I never have to go through that again.


I have genital warts I've been to parent planhood and they have applied acid and it seems to work but I still have some growing how can I remove them asap I hate them its embarrassing I. Don't have no insurance either are any creams good please help me


I followed your ACV and tea tree oil regimen and although I have been successful in removing the warts (I found a bunch near the ridge of my penis, and they turned white, then brown, then black, then began peeling off within a 5 day cycle.

My problem is I'm afraid that I over did the ACV and have suffered some burning and excessive peeling of my foreskin, which has resulted in sum slightly infected areas. I've been cleaning them with peroxide, and have been adding tea tree oil as well, but have seen no marked improvement.

Again, the ACV removed my warts but I'm afraid that I opened a whole new can of worms with this...please help. I'm really scared.

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