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I seem to suffer from seasonal migraines (as far as I can tell) as they usually wills start in January and then by May/June I won't have another until the following January. During my 'migraine season' I will get them 2-3 times a month, usually in the morning, often I will wake up with one starting. I am lucky in that I will have an 'aura' before. My aura consists of bursts of light they look like when you stare at a light for too long and you get the after image. Sometimes I will lose vision in one eye because there are so many bursts of light. Anyhow, what I do when I get a aura, I immediately take 2 extra strength advil (ibuprofen), I chug 2 mugs of coffee, use the bathroom and eat something as quickly as possible (my migraines usually make me nauseous so I end up not eating for hours). Something about this combination works for me, as if I do this process very quickly after an aura starts the migraine will be mild or nonexistant. Just my two cents!

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