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I have had a ear infection for a week now. my doctor put me on antibotics because of my bad past with ear infectons. well my pain was Horriable while i was visiting my grandparents, my grandma put a heat pack on a pillow and had me put the infected ear down on the pillow and lay there for a while. the heat take the pain away for a show time. But it does help beak up the infection so i do it offten till the infection goes away. I got numbing ear drops AFTER asking my doctor. that helped while i was at school and thoguhtout the night. if you dont have a heatign pad you can make one by heating up salt in a pan and put it in a towel, ths may make a mess if the towel opens. another way is to buy the no pop popping corn and put it in a pouch and put it in the microwave.

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You can make a heat pack from scratch fabric or a small pillow case by filling with small dried beans or rice stiching shut and microwaving for 3-4minutes. Can reuse as many times as you'd like.

poopman muffintits

another good and fast way to get rid of an ear ache is to put a sharp pencil in your ear and stir it around, lol jk.

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