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I've read about Hydrogen Peroxide and it's cures and I am proof of that, as soon as I seen the blisters start to appear I applied the 3 or 6% Peroxide from the chemist at least 3 times a day with cotton ball or Q tip and they never fully appeared as a sore! Doctors wouldn't dare tell you about a 3 dollar solution when they can get so much more money out of you through medications and vitamins. They know oxygen therapy works.. Also putting a drop in your drinking water everyday will oxidize your body and enable the virus to stop you from ever having another breakout.. I suggest searching hydrogen peroxide cures or drinking hydrogen peroxide cures. All the best.

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I'm gonna try it. Good info.


Woke up with a blister, applied Vicks Vaporub that morning, by the evening there was no soreness and thr blister was almost gone. I showered, dried the area and applied a dab of Vick's directly to what was left of the blister and by morning it was gone. No sign there was ever a blister there...


Vicks vaporub works best with qtip ;toothpaste and water ; some myrre in water let cool then put it on a paper towel put it on affected area or rince wit it ;also try toothpaste and vicks put vicks then put them toothpaste nd for a few seconds then rince with water and also try dermarest eczema it might hurt at first but will def work one of these will work dont give up have faith and sat no to herpes ,hiv,aids ,stds,and all disease and viruses. God we love u


I use tea tre oil and hydrogen peroxide when bathing. Pat dry and apply witch hazel or Dudleys skin and scalp antiseptic. It hleps a lot e

Out of my mind

I am having a lot of breakouts. Very painful. I itch constanly.i have six sores now what to do. I need help I am going crazy. I take the prescription it don't seem to well. I tried the bath thing it doesn't work. Help me


Clean with peroxide, soaking in epsom salt and aloe vera gel.


I've actually put wet epsom salt directly on it. It burn like hell for 15mins until it goes numb. After that i soak in an epsom salt bath another 15. 3 times in 1 day and the next day no itch completely gone in 3 days.


To 'Out of my mind' -- Take Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement (I like Vitamin Shoppe brand). Take extra 50mg zinc supplements DAILY !! SLEEP !! If eating poorly get a QUALITY Multi Daily from a GOOD health food store. That's how I've been managing for years. ANd when feeling tired, TAKE A HANDFUL OF LYSINE may be because you ate too much argenine rich foods.

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