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I've read about Hydrogen Peroxide and it's cures and I am proof of that, as soon as I seen the blisters start to appear I applied the 3 or 6% Peroxide from the chemist at least 3 times a day with cotton ball or Q tip and they never fully appeared as a sore! Doctors wouldn't dare tell you about a 3 dollar solution when they can get so much more money out of you through medications and vitamins. They know oxygen therapy works.. Also putting a drop in your drinking water everyday will oxidize your body and enable the virus to stop you from ever having another breakout.. I suggest searching hydrogen peroxide cures or drinking hydrogen peroxide cures. All the best.

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I agree...I tried that once when I felt that tingle...and sure enough it goes away..I don't know if its mental or actually works but its worth spreading the word.




Wat is Vicks vapor rub


There is a relatively new product called HapaVir. It's a natural compound that helps prevent the virus from being able to replicate (heavy replication results in an outbreak). Regular use could very well prevent an outbreak and taking at the first sign of one can dramatically shorten the duration as well as lower the intensity.


That's probably because Vick's Vapor Rub has been know to cause burns when applied to sensitive skin for years... that's why the designed a special formula for kids. It leaves a chemical burn!!!!


I tried the peroxide when I had an outbreak.It was like a instant pain reliever for me.Maybe it's in my mind but it sure did help.Thanks for the remedies!!!


I am at my wits end. I keep reading about how out breaks are clusters of sores, but mine seem to be different my out break is located on the inside of my thigh rite next to my vaginia but it just looks like dry skin and it itches to all HELL, I don't see any sores but I can't keep myself from scratching it to the point I tear the skin off. I currently don't have medical insurance and am trying to find either a home remedie or natural herbs I can use. Please help me.


For the last comment see Athelete's foot- you may have this fungus (can go to the thigh)


I can say that I have been taking Actifruit cranberry chews and haven't had any outbreaks. You have to chew one daily as recommended. It really works. They taste really good as well.


when you say a drop of peroxide to water, how much water? 8 oz of water to one drop. just want to make sure i dont poison myself in the process.

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