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I returned to this site because I found some helpful info. Toothache pain can usually be helped with a small amount of high proof alcoholic beverage swished around the affected area, the application of oil of clove directly to the tooth, or sometimes with just a mouthful of water. These will kill the acids causing pain or insulate the nerve somewhat in the case of water. Most important: all home relief is temporary- the only real remedy is a dentist. Get to one as soon as possible. Work done to relieve the pain is usually simple and somewhat inexpensive, don't kid yourself- most dentist are happy to make affordable payment arrangements with you. If you are worried about possible expensive work needed like a root canal, consider that the pain might be a warning to you for possible blood poisoning which can be fatal. I suffered for days and sleepless nights like a fool before I went to the dentist in agony that he relieved in about 5 minutes! It's not worth it. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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praise sticks

but is it suitable for you to remove the aching tooth rather than seeking for pain relieving drugs?


This may sound crazy but usually it works for me, now if the tooth is absessed it may not work but if it's just an ordinary toothache, I would suggest it, when I have a toothache I buy some sodas with a lot of acid. Coca-Cola is a great one. Take a sip of the Coke hold the liquid to the tooth that is giving a problem, swish it around for a little bit. After a few minutes the acid sets in on the tooth and relieves the pain. This has worked for me on several ocassions, although some people it may work differently on.

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