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I've had a cold for a few days and my right ear, along with the right side of my throat and neck has been SO sore that I wince every time I have to swallow. After reading some suggestions on this website, I tried a hot steamy wash cloth held up to my ear, and laid down for about 15 minutes but that brought no relief. So I poured a bit of white vinegar in my ear, waited about a minute, then let it drain. That didn't hurt, but it didn't do anything to help either. I tried using my blowdryer, which didn't do anything. I poured some hydrogen peroxide in my ear, but it didn't bubble, or make a sound. I almost gave up, but then I decided to take a garlic clove and cut out a bunch of the outer white part, (as the inner green part is where the healing properties are at,) and I sortof carved the garlic clove into the shape of an ear bud, (the kind you would use with an ipod) slipped it comfortably into my ear, and put some tape over top to hold it in.

Well FINALLY, it feels like SOMETHING is happening! There's crackling, popping, burning (so I wouldn't recommend this with kids) and at the same time, I am finally feeling some relief way inside my ear, and even in my throat. Whether this is going to cure it or not, I don't know. But I'm happy that it at least *feels* like it's working. And I can't smell it, so that's good too.

Garlic is amazing, isn't it?

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I have your same symptoms. Did the garlic work?
Curious and trying my best to stay away from antibiotics.


oh my god! my ear hurts so much right now :( i hope this works..


i tried plain crushed garlic in a jar with some olive oil and warmed it a few microwave...dipped tissue and inserted worked! pain went away..gonna keep applying it.


hi there, i have just woken up with the worst pain in my ear, so i tried this method and wowweee you have saved me!!! this is amazing, i thought my ear was going to explode so the piece of garlic has worked a miracle, im now going to go to sleep with it in as i dont want to be woken up with the paid again!.


I just tried the garlic clove in the ear, however, I was only able to do it for a couple minutes do to family not giving a crap if ur mom is sick, making an appt this morning, hopefully my ear will stop smelling like garlic by then.


Thanks for the tip! I am recovering from a sinus infection that has given me the worst pain in my ear. I've got a price of garlic in my ear now....hopefully it will relieve the pain to allow me to get some sleep.


Garlic has wonderful healing properties and can be used in clove form or in an oil...I suggest the oil, but if you like the whole clove method, rubbing it lightly with olive oil and NOT cutting or nicking the clove will reduce or eliminate any stinging/burning sensations to sensitive skin tissue.

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