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Don't do the swishing-cold-water-around-it technique. I saw here and a couple of other places online that stated you are actually making it worse. I'd used this method for years with my bad teeth, never getting any sleep, rarely lucking up to get relief, and usually ending up with swelling and having to go to the dentist for antibiotics. To think I made things much, much worse. As you may have noticed, if you don't switch some cold water around it after a few minutes the pain comes back. Bigtime. Ride it out. I know, I know.. I was there, on the ground, writhing in pain myself, but I rode it out.. and they were right. After awhile the pain went down considerably. Unfortunately, I took a drink of cold water not thinking, and the pain came back even worse, instantly. Drink lukewarm liquid, use your clove oil, salt water rinses to fight infection. But get off the cold water. You'll never get to sleep and you'll be miserable. I sometimes went 3-4 days without sleep until I was delerious. It will be a battle to not drink any cold water when you ween yourself off, but it worked for me. Sleeepppp...

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I myself had a super bad sinus infection, leading to really painful teeth/gums. I found out using ice cold water to keep in my mouth was an awesome way to keep the pain down. After doing lots of research online, and trying every method I could find such as (mouthwash, vanilla extract, toothpaste, garlic/water steam, hot water steam, etc. ) I even tried the raw onion suggestion, and I hate onions but as much pain as I was in I was willing to give anything a try. The onions didn't help it. I proceeded to swish ice water on it, I couldn't sleep whatsoever, I laid awake and kept applying ice water. The more I looked, the more I found out ice cold water truly didn't help, and it actually made matters worse though it didn't seem like it with the few seconds of relief.
They said it would cause quiet a bit of pain for 10-15 minutes when leaving the ice water off. Well, after about 10-15 minutes of pain and pacing and wanting to beat the crap of my aching tooth, the pain eased off. I still have some pressure in my gums, but it's definitely gotten better! I hope this helps and hopefully someone want have to go through as much pain as I had too! Prayers for anyone having to suffer from a sinus infection and or toothache!


I to know that feeling all to well. So many years ago i had family come stay from australia, my aunt had given me some clove oil, as disgusting as it was, it actually worked. The next day we made an appointment to go dentist and finally my bad tooth was a thing of the past. Warm water with some salt swished around in your mouth and spit actually helps. Dentist advice to fight those nasty infections.


Thank you! I have been up all night just swishing water hoping the swelling would stop and not come back. Just rode it out this time and it's allot more bearable now. Got 800mg of ibuprofin set to kick in soon, so I'll be able to get some sleep :) Hurts like b* though. It took me about 20 minutes for it to stop screaming at me lol


Been using the cold water technique for a few hours now and I'm glad I found this site. Stopped using cold water after reading these comments and at that moment I have no pain at all. It hurt like hell just after I stopped though but as other's have said just ride it out,mine only lasted for about 10-15 minutes


Dont rinse sore teeth with ice cold water I was doing this for 6 hours every 30-40 seconds it gave relief but the pain came back in waves stronger each time, only after I read this I stopped and rode out the intense pain for 15 minutes then it eased, ibuprofen and parcetemol will help NOT ice cold water.


Oh my goodness THANK YOU! I've had this horrible toothache for 3 days now and I tried ibuprofen and tylenol, but they never stopped the pain. I then discovered 2 days ago that if I sip some ice water and put it right on the sore tooth the pain went away immediately. I though this what I will have to use to get me through the holiday. At first I'd take a sip and the pain would be gone for 10-12 minutes which was enough to let me fall asleep at night But then the time between sips got less and less until I'd have to sip water every 30-40 seconds....needless to say I didn't sleep the second night because if I stopped the pain was super intense. Then I came here and read these comments and I can absolutely testify that using cold water is a HUGE mistake.
I quit it cold turkey and the pain was had me on my knees, in tears and almost screaming....but it only lasted for a few minutes and then started to subside. As I type this it's been only about 15 minutes and the pain is virtually gone. I was going to try some garlic or cloves but I don't think I need to. THANK YOU---THANK YOU---THANK YOU!

If you are reading this and you are using the cold water method....STOP now...


I'm so glad I read this and stopped the cold water - I've been drinking cold water for 6-7 hours and it was becoming less and less effective. I just rode out my 15 minutes of breathtaking pain and the pain has subsided enough I can sleep. Ill get to the dentist ASAP, but I can deal with this low-level pain with OTC pain pills. Thanks again for posting this - I had resigned myself to staying up all night sipping water! Off to sleep now :)


Omg! I’m so glad someone told me this... lord I haven’t slept in 3 days and when I finally stopped I curled up on the bathroom floor and cried and did deep breathing or anything to not think of ripping this tooth out of my mouth... this was a god send!


Just came around to this, haven't slept in a week but I was doing the cold water method sipping every 10 seconds, knowing that the pain goes away gives me hope. I just stopped 5 minutes ago and I want to die right now :'). It was interesting because I managed to get 30 minutes of sleep a few days ago and I noticed it didn't hurt quite so bad but then I went straight for my ice cold water. Even now it's much better, can't say how gratefull I am to have found this just wish I had seen it earlier. Will definitely spread this around because nobody should have to go through this.


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