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Out of pain!!!

I have been in extreme pain for about a week and couldn't get into the oral surgeon until a week from now. So, I started searching for any suggestion possible to help get rid of this horrible pain in my wisdom teeth. They are not impacted, broken, cracked, etc BUT one of them HAS to be infected. Anway, I took some advice and went to the store after work, glands now swollen, ear hurting, tooth throbbing, and bought mouth wash with the highest amount of alcohol in it, sensidyne toothpaste, and tylenol PM since I hadn't slept in days. Also, IB profin was no longer working so bought some Aleve. Anyway, I filled my mouth with a cap full of the mouth wash and kept it in the area of the a-hole tooth and just let it stay for as long as I could stand it. I could not believe it but the pounding stopped almost immediately, then I took the Sensadyne toothpaste and put a big glob over that tooth, again left it on there, then took Aleve and I kid you not pain was down to a 2 from a 10 and slept through the night for the first time in a week. I have a high tolerance for pain medication so normal OTC meds were not working but this did. This was all done for under $10 and lasted a long time so I seriously suggest it. I am not one to post on the internet so wouldn't get this info to you unless I believed it would really help someone else in pain. GO TO WALMART and get the $1.80 Equate (Wmart brand) mouthwash (not alcohol free), Sensadyne toothpaste, and Aleve (tylenol pm too if you cant sleep) and I promise it will work!!!

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I thank you so much for your post! I had a root canal yesterday and my mouth is THROBBING! I swished with listerine and it did help. I just want to get to sleep! Oops, it didn't last for long. I live in a dry county so mouthwash is the best I can do for now. But thanks, I had a moment of relief.

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